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Signature Capture for Android v7.1 Released

Earlier this week we have released Signature Capture v7.1. The update affects both Standard and Developer License. Version 7.1 comes with minor layout changes (Standard License) and new PNG library (both Standard and Developer License).

Read more about the Signature Capture here: Signature Capture for Android.

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Fill and Sign PDF Forms for Android v2.12 released

Earlier today we released Fill and Sign PDF Forms v2.12.

With this version we are dropping support for Android devices older than version 2.3 (API level 9). Unfortunately it became impossible to implement new features and maintain backward compatibility at the same time. Eventually, this means that less than 3.4% of users will not receive further application updates.

Other big changes are that we have updated our PDF library and completely replaced Android’s internal XML library. This was necessary in order to provide better support for documents that contain special and accented characters.

This update also contains a number of other bug fixes and better error reporting which will allow us to pinpoint problems that happen during the application use.

Finally, we have enabled license import for users that are paid customers of our Signature Capture application.

Read more about the application here: Fill and Sign PDF Forms for Android.