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Fill and Sign PDF Forms for Android v2.13 released

Earlier today we released Fill and Sign PDF Forms v2.13.

What’s new in this version:

  • More user-friendly message when there is no storage space left on your Android device – a rare case but it still happens. Instead of a general error report you will now be presented with an user-friendly dialog that explains the problem.
  • Files are now removed from ‘recent files list’ if they fail to open – we are keeping the list of recently opened files but sometimes those get deleted, moved to another folder or their access permissions change. From now on, files that for one of mentioned reasons fail to open will be removed from the list.
  • Output file names now get truncated if they are too big – android file system has a limitation on size of file names, which was causing problems for people who incrementally opened and filled forms. From now on big file names are just truncated so that they are under their limit size.
  • Fetching the files from 3rd party apps before they are opened – till now files were opened directly from the folders that were under the management of 3rd party apps. This again caused problems with files that were deleted or their access permissions were changed. In a new version we are storing those files ‘locally’. Thanks to protection mechanisms, those copies are accessible only by our application. As well, those files will not be saved in recently opened files list any longer.

Read more about the application here: Fill and Sign PDF Forms for Android.