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Important news regarding upcoming version of Signature Capture

Due to enforced policies on Android devices version 11 and above, our app has to change it’s behavior. This might affect the way you were using it till now, so please read this post carefully.

The app is not allowed to save captured signatures directly to any public folder on your device. This includes both root folder named Signature_Capture and any output folder provided to the app, if you were using it as an external library.

All captured signatures will be saved to the folder that is visible only to our app. This folder will be located on your device’s internal drive, not on a swappable SD card.

All captured signatures will be exportable. The export destination has to be chosen by you. Our app is restricted in that sense and export can not be done automatically without your interaction.

If you decide to uninstall the app, all captured signatures will be deleted by the Android OS as well. For that reason, if you want to preserve them, use the export functionality before uninstalling.

If you were using the app as an external library, please check the updated integration instructions on our website.

If these enforced changes are not acceptable for you, please contact us via e-mail so that we can provide you with the app version that is compatible with the old behavior. Due to mentioned security policies, that app version can not be distributed via Google Play Store.

If you wish to update the app with the future release, all captured signatures, if any, will be imported from the public to the internal app folder. They will not be deleted from the public folder. If you decide to delete the public folder and existing signatures, you will have to do it yourself manually. Please note that document importing will not work if the old app version has been uninstalled and new one installed anew.


Release of the new app version is planed for the end of this month. If you are interested in testing it out beforehand, please contact us directly.


You can read more about the app here: Signature Capture for Android.


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