What others say about Signature Capture

Andy Vankempen, Software Engineer at Jump Technologies, Inc.

Excellent product for capturing a signature. My company has integrated it into our proof-of-delivery mobile application and it has always worked great. Exceptional customer service!

Tom Wolfe, Media Design Technician at Airon HVAC and Control Ltd.

Great product that allowed us to add functionality to a new site we’re developing. Responsive and appropriate support. Simple solid solution that works well – don’t just take my word for it, download it for free and see for yourself!

Jon Bailey, Chief Technology Officer at POSabilities, Inc

I started using this product over a year ago to integrate a signature capture software to my web based service engine using Android phones. Binary Solutions was the only company that was able to give me a working product that works seamlessly. Over time we have grown our product into an Android application, and they were able to give us more control and flexibility with signature captures. It took minutes to implement and we’ve captured over 1000 signatures since we started using it.

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We have integrated this signature capture component into our multi-platform mobile app environment. A good number of our customers have used it in the apps they have built for their users and all have been very happy with it.

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The signature capture is an application that is very easy to use and works for our application. My experience with the customer service has been excellent, they have answered all of my questions in a timely manner.

Fabio Pagano, Project manager at A.P.System s.r.l.

We use Signature Capture for Android from our WebApp. The product is great, integration is very fast and simple, signature is smooth, support is at the top. We (and our customers) are very satisfied with the product and the support.

Dina Rajaonson, Ingénieur Développement Web at HUGOCORP

We integrated signature capture about two years ago, for one of our clients. Since, we use it for most of our mobile web applications. Support is responsive and efficient, integration is simple, and signatures quality is excellent. We are very satisfied with the product.

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Perfect software. We first created our own signature capture module, the same way as we did on Windows Mobile. First step is straight forward, but then to improve speed and appearance on capacitive screens is a very hard and long way to go. These requirements are excellent covered by this software and the library is easy to integrate into an existing application. We decided to buy the developer license. It was a very good investments. Thank you.

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[Binary Solutions] company is one of the few that has products that can be integrated in your own application to capture a handwritten signature. The results are amazing and we are managing more than 1000 signatures per day without problems. The product and the customer service are reliable 100%.

Dean Owen, Director at Inventoryclerk.com

We bought the single-user license to build a proof of concept, and it’s worked so seamlessly that we will be upgrading in the next few weeks and rolling out the app to our users. It’s extremely easy to integrate, does not get in the way, and is very flexible. For the price, using this instead of writing our own solution was an easy decision.

Don I. Netris, LLC

This is a wonderful product. It is the first of its kind, and is allowing us to further our Green Mission statement, and move completely away from paper work orders to digital ones. Even when something goes wrong (such as the initial order in my case) the support staff is there and answers your questions and solves your problems with little explanation or intervention needed from you. Responses were very prompt, and this product works like a charm! Thanks, Keep up the hard work!