Signature Capture v5.1 released

New version (v5.1) of Signature Capture for Android has been released today. This release affects both Standard and Developer License.

In this version new input parameter StrokeColor is introduced. Meaning from now on the pen color can be customized as well.

Read more about Signature Capture for Android.

Signature Capture v5.0 (Developer License) Released

We have just released a Signature Capture v5.0. This release affects only the Developer License, the latest Standard License version is still 4.0.

What’s new: Android resource files now have been extracted outside of JAR file and are available for editing by application developers. This offers more (but still not full) customization of UI and easier string localization.

Integration instructions, usage instructions and license information are available in the sample package.

Price is still the same and we offer 40% discount for all our existing Developer License customers.

You can read more about the Signature Capture here: Signature Capture for Android.

Signature Capture for Android v4.0

New version of Signature Capture for Android (v4.0) has just been released. Here is the excerpt from the change log:

  • Fixing German translation
  • Bugfix: freeing resources before bitmap creation
  • Restructuring the options menu
  • Changing About dialog
  • Enabling installation on SD Card
  • Integrated in-app purchase via PayPal

We are also introducing some important changes in our pricing policy:

  • Enterprise License is renamed to Developer License and it is valid for a single Android application (denoted by it’s package name) only
  • Standard License is now valid for a single Android device only. It costs $8.99 USD, it’s one-time payment, license does not expire and all product updates come for free.

For any kind of questions contact support at:

Signature Capture Pricing Change – Important Information

Due to the market demand, we are changing our pricing policy. Standard License, that allowed signature capture on unlimited number of devices, is going be terminated and replaced with ‘per device’ license.

This change affects directly only our future customers. You can continue using our product under the terms that were effective when you made a purchase. Also, if you decide so, you can switch to the new licensing option without any additional costs. We would recommend that you do so as that is the only way for you to stay entitled to free product updates.

The new license is going to cost $8.99 USD (one-time fee, unlimited duration of license) and it will be introduced with the ‘Signature Capture’ v4.0. If you decide to switch to the new application version, your new license will be valid on exactly 11 Android devices and the old Standard License will be invalidated.

If you decide to continue using the latest application version (v3.1) take care that you do not overrun it with the updates from the Android Market. Application auto-updates will be turned off.

Updated application will be released in a month, on November 20th. We are announcing this beforehand in order to make your transition smooth.

Feel free to reach us via contact form if you have any kind of questions.

P.S: If you are interested in trying out updates before their official release, contact us and we will mail you necessary files.

Signature Capture for Android v3.1 released

The latest version (v3.1) of Signature Capture has been released today. Here is the list of changes from the application change log:

  • removing in-house analytics library
  • adding Flurry analytics
  • adding error reporting (ACRA)
  • adding ‘on success’ and ‘on failure’ urls when app is started from web
  • adding German translation

Demo application can be downloaded from Android Market for free.

Major Signature Capture and Signature Share updates

Signature Capture library for Android devices has been updated to version 3.0. Starting from this version you can specify capturing screen dimensions. For usage information check out the product web page.

Signature Share application for Android devices has been updated to version 2.0. Starting from this version you can specify captured signature parameters, e.g. pen size, dimensions, etc.

Both applications are available for download on Android Market.

Signature sharing application for Android open sourced

Our application Signature Share has been open sourced today. It has been released under Apache License 2.0 and it is hosted here:

We have decided to release the application’s source code after receiving quite few requests for complete working sample of Signature Capture usage. We certainly hope that this will help our future customers during the integration process.

Signature Capture 2.9 for Android

Signature Capture v2.9 for Android has been released today. Starting from this version you can choose is your signature image going to be cropped or not.

For more information, visit our product page here: Signature Capture for Android.

Signature Capture 2.8 for Android

Signature Capture v2.8 for Android has been released today. New features are:

  • built-in signature cropping
  • bugfixes in license validation library
  • bugfixes in updates library

For more information, visit our product page here: Signature Capture for Android.

Signature Capture 2.7 for Android

Signature Capture version 2.7 has been released today.

Stand-alone (Demo/Trial, Subscription and Standard License) library has the following new features:

  • automatic application updates
  • error logging during the file save / upload process

Guided by the number of user requests, we also have a new Enterprise License that comes with a JAR file that can be embedded and distributed together with 3rd party (that means yours!) applications. Read more at our product page here: Signature Capture for Android.